Looking for a new dental office to provide the best oral care for your teeth can be time consuming. Whether it is because you moved, or because you felt like it was time to find a new dental practice, searching for a new dentist is often a daunting task for most patients.

Looking for the Best “Dentist Near Me”

Dentist Near Me Dr. Jaclyn Rickoff, DDS

Photo of Dr. Jaclyn Rickoff, DDS

Now, you might be thinking “I’m up to date on my cleanings, have great oral health and nothing hurts…I could go a year or two without seeing the dentist, right?” Wrong!

Most patients know it is very important to have your teeth cleaned every 6 months, it’s also important to have a dentist nearby just in case you do have a dental emergency.

Searching for the ideal dental practice to call home for optimal oral health can be time consuming, confusing, and difficult!

So, where do you start on your journey into the unknown?

First step, ask around! Ask family, friends, and neighbors who they see, or who they would never see again. If you still don’t have things narrowed down after talking to those that you know, then you know you can always turn to the all knowing Google!

Try searching Google for “dentist near me”.

Avoid using the words “dentist in Noblesville” or “Noblesville dentist”. This minor change in wording would cut out many dental offices that are located clear across town. This large distance could possibly make attending your dental appointments more time consuming or difficult.

After searching “dentists near me”, Google gathers all the information for you to read and peruse. These facts include – address, phone number, website, map location, and most importantly, the Google reviews. These reviews by the practice’s existing patients can be just as crucial to the selection process as recommendations from your family and friends.

While looking at potential dental offices, think of what’s important to you – do you need a place with late, after work hours? A dentist who does same day dental crowns, root canals and orthodontics? Or what about an office that is located next to work so you can pop in during lunch time and miss as little of work or school as possible?

Real estate agents always talk about how location, location, location is the key to success in a home purchase or a business, and the dental field is no different!

Choosing a dental office that is close to your house provides many awesome advantages.

For starters, it makes attending dental appointments at the practice more convenient for patients, with the hope that those dental cleanings get done every 6 months.

Another reason searching a “dentist near to me” is so helpful is because unfortunately some dentistry takes more than one trip. These extra trips for patients can consist of follow-up appointments to check on the healing or progress of a previous procedure – like an extraction or dental implant restorations.

Other procedures where you might have to go back for a second or third appointment is for the placement of dental crowns (if your office doesn’t offer same day crowns) and bridges, delivery of dentures, partials and night guards, and for extensive restorative or cosmetic dentistry.

Invisalign Dentist Near Me Dr. Jaclyn Rickoff, DDS

Invisalign Dentist Near Me Dr. Jaclyn Rickoff, DDS

Lastly, close proximity is especially helpful is during orthodontic treatment, such as Invisalign, as well. Whether you have traditional brackets or clear aligners, you will be making lots of visits to the office!

These visits, while typically short in time, include the dental impressions, placement of the brackets, changing of bands, delivering new trays, removing the braces and delivering the retainer. These visits, which typically take place every 3-6 weeks but could be more frequent, are a great reason why a “dentist near me” is important in you new dental office search.

While finding a new dentist can always be a stressful situation, it doesn’t have to be! With the power of Google, you will be able to find the quality dental care you desire. Maybe Rickoff Dentistry will be your new dental home?

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